All you need to know about wisdom teeth extraction

Affordable Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Toronto

Wisdom teeth are the last molars and the last adult teeth to appear in the mouth. Typically, a person has four wisdom teeth at the back of their mouth; two are on top and two are on the bottom. Wisdom teeth that have not had room to emerge or develop normally can cause pain, damage to the surrounding teeth, and other dental issues. Impacted wisdom teeth often don’t cause any concerns right away. 

The surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth is generally performed under local anesthesia. In some cases, your dentist may recommend removing an impacted wisdom tooth that doesn’t cause symptoms to prevent future problems.

Wisdom teeth removals are same-day surgeries. In most cases, a dentist performs the procedure under local anesthesia, so you recover more quickly. During the procedure, you will not experience any pain. You may experience some pain and swelling once you are able to feel your mouth and teeth again, which is perfectly normal. Use an ice pack on the side of your face where the tooth was extracted. Your dentist will explain when and how to take your medications to you in detail. Upon your dentist’s approval, you will be allowed to go home. It’s better to have someone else drive you home. In the case of general anesthesia, you must have someone else drive you home if your dentist insists on it.

When you’re recovering, you’ll want to stick to liquids and soft foods. In this phase, avoid hard foods as these might damage the recovery area. Yoghurt, smoothies, blended soups, mashed potatoes, pudding, ice cream are examples of soft foods. Cold items like smoothies and ice cream may provide some relief. Soup may help balance the other high-sugar items on the list if you eat a lot of sugary items.

You will likely incorporate more normal foods into your diet as you recover. Begin by eating semi-soft foods like oatmeal and eggs.

Try to avoid smoking, alcoholic drinks, spicy food, grains such as rice, hard food such as nuts and acidic foods such as citrus juice. Smoking or the use of tobacco products are strictly prohibited for at least 72 hours after the extraction. It’s possible your dentist will suggest other things you should do during recovery. To maintain good oral health and recover faster, follow those instructions carefully.

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