Clear Aligners

Orthodontic treatment is popular among teenagers and adolescents. You’re most likely familiar with the image of a young person with a mouth full of metal as they complete their treatment. This image is often a major reason why adults choose to forgo this treatment, whether it is simply for cosmetic reasons, or it can actually benefit their oral health. Fortunately, a straight, beautiful smile is still possible with another option in orthodontic treatment – PerfectSmile Clear Aligners. This system of clear aligners can be found at Richmond West Dental, your dentist in Toronto, Ontario, providing cosmetic dentistry treatments.

PerfectSmile Clear Aligners procedure

The procedure for PerfectSmile Clear Aligners is very simple. During a consultation, your dentist will take measurements and impressions of your teeth to create the aligners. A treatment plan will be created to map out the movement of your teeth, and you may even be able to see a preview of the results. You will wear each aligner according to the treatment plan, changing them out every week or so. You will be required to visit your dentist in Toronto occasionally to check on the progress of the treatment.

For more information about the PerfectSmile Clear Aligners treatment and to determine whether you are a candidate for it (it can be used for both adults and teens), make an appointment at Richmond West Dental today.

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