Dental Implants

When you have one or more missing teeth, you have several options. For some, the best option is a dental bridge. However, this isn’t a practical solution for all cases. Dentures, on the other hand, can cover a larger space, but they too have their share of drawbacks.

For patients looking to replace missing teeth on a permanent basis without the hassle of dentures, our dentist at Richmond West Dental in Toronto offers dental implants. They work like natural teeth, and you take care of them just as you would your pearly whites.

Dental Implants in Downtown Toronto

Richmond West Dental in Downtown Toronto provides affordable and reliable dental implant services. The process consists of two parts, removing your tooth and placing a device, known as an abutment, that looks like a screw in its place. Once it heals for about one to two weeks, our dentist places the crown over the top of the screw.​

Getting more than one dental implant can take several months. Our dentist assesses your situation and provides you with an expected timeline.

Keep in mind that the process is surgical. Sometimes, during the procedure, our dentist may have to conduct a bone graft if you don’t have enough healthy jawbone to support the implant.


Benefits of Dental Implants

When you’re comparing dental implants to other options for tooth replacement in Toronto, you want to consider that dental implants are known to last. With proper care, you may keep your dental implant for 20 years as opposed to dentures that only last five to seven years.

Since they’re secure in your mouth, you don’t have to worry about dental implants slipping when you’re trying to speak. Additionally, you don’t have to take them out to clean them. You care for them just as you would your teeth. You never have to use a sticky, messy bonding agent to hold them in place, either.

Dental implants are more comfortable for many, and they can improve your confidence because they tend to look more natural than dentures. Plus, this form of tooth replacement is easier to eat with than a pair of dentures.

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