Dental Fillings

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Treatment for Cavities

Cavities are almost always preventable, and most adults have at least one cavity by the time they turn thirty. Dental fillings are virtually painless and can restore an affected tooth by removing decayed tissue and replacing it with tooth-coloured materials. In most cases, a cavity filling is a quick and painless procedure. The patient can return to normal activities soon after the procedure.

Filling cavities is one of the most common and most essential dental procedures. Some cavities do not cause pain; most patients will notice some sensitivities or pain that indicates there is a cavity.

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Diagnosing a Cavity

During a dental exam, your dentist can diagnose any cavity through visual inspection, oral examination, and x-ray evaluation. Cavities vary in size, and might not be visible to the untrained eye, or might not be observable during a visual exam.


The Treatment Process

Filling a cavity should usually take only about 30 to 60 minutes. This does not include the time spent during your exam or any x-rays or additional treatments you might need. It will be able to function and look like any other tooth after your newly filled tooth has healed, and the sensitivity you initially felt should go away after the anesthetic wears off.

By using a precision, electric bur, your dentist will remove the infected pulp from the cavity before filling it.
To prevent particles or liquids from entering the new cavity, your dentist will then shape that new space and restore the tooth with composite material to fill in the hole. During the procedure, the area will be numbed with topical and local anesthetic, so you won’t be able to feel anything.

You should not put off filling your cavity. When you don’t take care of it, it can worsen, making crowns, extractions, or root canals necessary. If you leave a cavity and the decay gets worse, you may experience pain and sensitivity because the nerves in the center of your tooth get exposed, and you may get an abscess.

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