Root Canal

What is a root canal/endodontic treatment?

Root canal therapy involves removing the infected pulp tissue inside a tooth through an endodontic procedure. By removing the pulp tissue from inside the tooth, you can prevent bacterial infections and relieve dental pain. As a result, the patient gets to keep their tooth, eliminate pain and infection, and maintain proper function and chewing.

What Is a Root Canal?

One of the most popular endodontic treatments is root canal therapy. In spite of its demonization in many movies and comedy sketches, root canal therapy is an essential procedure that can save the tooth and spare patients from weeks of pain.


Who Benefits from Endodontic Treatment?

All natural teeth have soft pulp inside, so they can be worked on by anyone. It is generally advised to have endodontic procedures performed on permanent teeth as patients have more to lose if they lose a permanent tooth than a baby tooth. Patients with severe infections or similar problems may benefit from endodontic treatment in young patients.


How to Get Endodontic Treatment

In Toronto, people in need of endodontic treatment should visit a dental clinic with an endodontist on staff such as Richmond West Dental. If the patient mentions issues when scheduling an appointment, they can then receive an exam and recommendations for treatment.

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