Exams & Cleanings

One of the worst things people do is to go to the dentist only after they feel pain. In dentistry, the goal is to prevent problems from occurring and to treat them as soon as they arise. People who fail to keep up with their regular exams and cleanings are more likely to suffer from issues like decay and gum disease.


The Purpose of Preventive Dentistry

The most effective way to prevent dental problems is to have bi-annual exams and cleanings. Our goal at Richmond West Dental is to keep the mouth healthy so that problems don’t develop further down the road. People who skip out on regular dental visits are at risk of getting cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis, and even tooth decay.

Our Toronto dental clinic offers the most efficient method of doing exams and cleanings. As a result, our dentist becomes familiar with your individual oral hygiene needs, makes recommendations on treatment choices, and notices changes faster.

What Is Included in an Exam and Cleaning?

In most cases, exams and cleanings are performed during the same appointment. The test is visual and tactile. It includes examination of the teeth and gums as well as the insides of cheeks. X-rays are also taken to assess for hidden cavities between teeth as well as an evaluation of your jaw’s bone level. This allows for the formulation of a treatment plan.

During a dental cleaning, our dentist and hygienist use a variety of tools to brush and scrape away plaque and tartar. Plaque is a sticky substance produced by our dietary intake. As it adheres to the teeth, it starts to erode the protective enamel, causing decay.

During the cleaning, our dentist will floss and check the gums for pockets of bacteria. Gum disease can also be prevented by cleaning these areas.

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