Flossing: Myths & Facts

Flossing Tips from Downtown Dentist

It is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once. Despite this, some people choose not to floss for a variety of reasons that are actually myths. Here are some of the most popular flossing myths and real facts:

Myth: You don’t need to floss if you use mouthwash
Fact: Mouthwash can’t remove plaque and bacteria in-between your teeth. Only floss can reach those areas and clean your teeth properly.

Myth: You only need to floss if food get stuck in your teeth
Fact: Food particles get stuck in-between teeth all the time! You may not always feel them unless they are big. These create bacteria and plaque over time. Brush can’t reach areas between teeth. Only floss can remove this plaque build up.

Myth: You can’t floss with braces
Fact: You are more likely to build up plaque with braces and they may lead to gum inflammation. It may be difficult to brush with braces, but it’s still very important. 

Myth: Gum bleeding is normal after flossing
Fact: If your gums bleed or hurt when you floss, book a dental appointment right away! It’s not normal for gums to bleed. Bleeding gums is a strong indicator that you have gingivitis, which, if left untreated, can lead to gum disease.

Myth: Young children shouldn’t floss
Fact: The earlier a youngster begins flossing, the better their chances of developing and maintaining healthy dental hygiene practices throughout their lives. Help them floss if they are too young to do so on their own.

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