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Treatment for Cavities

Most cavities are indeed 100 percent preventable, and most adults have at least one cavity by the time they turn thirty. Getting a dental filling is virtually painless that will restore a decayed tooth, by getting rid of the decayed tissue and replacing the cavity with tooth-colored material. The recovery time after filling a cavity is short and will allow the patient to speak, eat, and be able to resume daily activities promptly after the procedure.

Filling the cavity is one of the more common and most essential dental procedures performed. A cavity might not always cause you pain; most patients will start to feel sensitivity or pain that will indicate to them there is a cavity that is needing to be filled.

Dental Fillings Downtown Toronto

Diagnosing a Cavity

Your dentist can diagnose any cavity by several touchpoints during a dental exam; while conducting their visual inspection, the oral review, and by analyzing the x-rays. A cavity can range in its size and might be so small it is invisible to the untrained eye, or it might be so large that it is not noticeable on a visual exam.

Your dentist will begin filling your cavity by getting rid of the rotten pulp out of the cavity by using a precision drill. They will then shape that new space and restore the tooth by using composite material to fill the hole and to seal your cavity to prevent particles or liquid from getting into the hole. A topical anesthetic will be used for numbing the area worked on, so you will not be able to feel any part of the procedure.


The Treatment Process

To complete the process of filling your cavity should only take about 20 to 30 minutes. It does not include the time spent for your exam, any x-rays, or any additional services a patient might require. Your newly filled tooth will function and look like any of your other teeth, and sensitivity you might experience from your filling should stop after your anesthetic wears off.

It is not recommended to put off filling your cavity. If you put it off, it can cause the cavity to be worse so that it will become necessary for a crown, tooth extraction, or a root canal. If you leave a cavity and the tooth decay gets worse, it is common for you to feel pain and sensitivity because the nerves in the center of your tooth get exposed, and you risk getting an abscess.

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