Emergency Dentistry

There are some situations that can’t wait. A dental emergency can strike at any time, and you should seek treatment as soon as possible to stop bleeding, ease pain, and sometimes even reattach a tooth. The field of emergency dentistry in Toronto has developed rapidly over the last few decades, resulting in a field that is excellent at restoring oral health and function in just a few minutes.


What Is a Dental Emergency?

Emergency dentists often encounter situations when people come in that do not qualify as medical emergencies. Our office understands how important it is for many to seek treatment as soon as possible; a patient wishing to whiten their teeth is not the reason we provide emergency dentistry. If one of these conditions apply to you, we recommend emergency dentistry:

  • Physically knocked out or removed tooth
  • The pulp or nerve of a tooth is exposed as a result of a broken tooth
  • The bleeding from a tongue bit hasn’t stopped
  • An infection is causing swelling, pain, or pus leakage
  • Eating and drinking are hindered by a severe toothache
  • Bleeding lacerations in the gums, inner cheeks, or tongue have not stopped

What to Do In an Emergency

Staying calm and obtaining immediate treatment are the best things you can do in an emergency. Find an emergency dentist in your area and schedule an appointment right away.

It is important to locate a lost tooth. Keep the soft tissue intact. Generally, keeping it in some sort of liquid like water or milk while bringing it to the office is best. DO NOT let the tooth dry out. It might be possible to reattach the tooth if the nerve is still alive when you visit the dentist.

Consider taking an over-the-counter pain reliever if your toothache is severe. Get to the dentist as soon as possible.