Exams & Cleanings

While many people only go to the dentist when they start to feel pain, this is one of the worst things to do. The goal in dentistry is to prevent problems before they have a chance to start and to treat ones that have already developed before they worsen. When someone skips out on their regular exams and cleanings, the result is a mouth susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease, and a host of other issues.


The Purpose of Preventive Dentistry

Biannual exams and cleanings are the ultimate forms of preventive dentistry. At Richmond West Dental, we focus on keeping the mouth healthy so that problems don’t develop further down the road. When someone skips out on regular dental visits, they put themselves at risk of getting cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis, and even tooth decay.

The most efficient way to do exams and cleanings in Toronto is by visiting our dental clinic regularly. This way, our dentist can become familiar with your individual oral health needs, recommend treatment plans, and notice changes faster.

What Is Included in an Exam and Cleaning?

Exams and cleanings tend to be performed during the same appointment. The exam is a visual and tactile inspect of the teeth, gums, and inside of the cheeks. Our dentist at Richmond West Dental will use specialized tools like picks, mirrors, and lights to check for decay, sores, and the signs of gum disease.

After the initial exam, x-rays of the mouth will be taken. These can reveal hidden pockets of decay in the teeth and show whether or not the jaw is misaligned. A treatment plan can then be made.

During a cleaning, our dentist and a hygienist use a series of tools to brush and scrape away plaque and tartar. Plaque is a sticky substance that comes from the food we eat. It adheres to the teeth and starts to erode the protective enamel, leading to decay.

As part of the cleaning, our dentist will also floss and inspect the gums for pockets of bacteria buildup. These can be cleaned as well to stop the development of gum disease.

We are open for all dental procedures, both emergency and elective. To view our extensive safety procedures and what to expect at your dental appointment, please review our guidelines.