Richmond West Dental is your preferred dentist in Toronto, Ontario. We are committed to providing excellent dental care to our patients. Our services range from regular dental exams and cleanings to restorative dentistry, including dental bridges, crowns, and dental bonding. Feel free to visit our services pages for more information on what’s available at Richmond West Dental.

To ensure that everyone who requires professional dental care has access to it, Richmond West Dental accepts all insurance plans on a non-assignment basis. What this means is that we’ll expect you to pay upfront for all costs incurred, but we’ll help you follow up with your insurance provider for reimbursement.

The Insurance Payment Process

  • Step 1: Call our dental offices in Toronto, Ontario, and make an appointment.
  • Step 2: On the day of the appointment, our dentist will attend to you. Beforehand, we’ll give you an estimation of your total cost for the day. We’ll try our best to provide you with the most accurate estimate. However, the final bill may be different if you request or require add-ons in your treatment.
  • Step 3: After your dental procedure(s), our billing staff will present you with a breakdown of charges.
  • Step 4: You settle the bill upfront using any of the payment options provided by our office. You’ll then supply us with the necessary information for Step 5.
  • Step 5: Our billing staff submit a duly completed claim form to your insurance provider on your behalf.
  • Step 6: Your insurance provider reimburses you for costs incurred, subject to the terms and conditions of your insurance cover.

Important Facts to Remember When Using Dental Insurance in Toronto, Ontario

If you plan to access dental care at Richmond West Dental through your dental plan, keep the following in mind:

  • Always read the fine print on copayment to know how much of the cost you will need to cover
  • Many insurance plans have terms and conditions on what dental procedures are covered — familiarize yourself with these to avoid nasty surprises
  • Call our dental offices in Toronto in case you have any urgent questions about your insurance or payment options

Dental Benefits Explained:

Omicron Variant Update: We are open for all dental procedures. To view our extensive safety procedures and what to expect at your dental appointment, please review our COVID-19 policies.